Give body and soul quiet moments and relaxation

Enjoy the healthy change between sauna, Turkish-bath, swimming-pool or whirlpool to refuel new energy, relax and feel new and deep sensation of health.

Dive in our swimming-pool, with enchanting view on the meadows and Dolomite-peaks, thus you can refuel your body with new energy and power.

A Jacuzzi-whirlpool offers maximum relaxation. With the pleasure of a massage by the endless air bubbles that enable to soothe pains in the joints, relaxes the muscles, improves the circulation and relaxes the nervous system.

A visit in the sauna produces an enormous benefit to the entire organism.
The combination between cozy warmth and moisture promote a quick and effective detoxification of the organism. The sauna is considered an effective natural therapy against stress of everyday life. A frequent and proper use has a marked beneficial effect on cardiovascular and respiratory system.

After a visit in the swimming-pool or sauna, lie on the waterbeds and discover their beneficial effects. They costantly adapt to the shape of the body and are able to relieve back- and shoulder-ache and release muscle tension, creating a pleasant relaxing effect.